How To Apply Cornhole Wraps


 How to Apply Vinyl Cornhole Wraps


Watch this step-by-step video we put together!



 What You'll Need:

-Microfiber Cloth
-Razor Blade
-Masking Tape
-Flat Tool or Squeegee
-Heat Gun or Hair Dryer


Super Secret Pro Tip! 

Be sure to watch just after minute 7...we pull the wrap THROUGH the hole (vs cutting around the hole) to ensure the wrap stays down and doesn't start to come up over time.





- Do not apply wraps to raw wood- Boards should be clear coated first. Once clear coated, you can lightly sand before applying the wrap but do not sand down to raw wood. We recommend two coats of a water-based clear coat. 



-The edges of your wraps are vital. Therefore, wherever you are sticking the edges of the wraps, that needs to be prepped as well. For instance, if you wrap the edges over the sides of the board, the sides need to be clear coated as well.


-Use heat After application, take a heat gun and lightly dab the edges of the wrap all the way around to help it mold to the boards.


-If your wraps do come up, you can use Spray 77 or Spray 90 to help seal them back down.


-Clear Coat after wraps are applied - We offer laminated and unlaminated wraps. Unlaminated wraps are a raw decal and will require a coat or two of poly.

It’s not necessary for laminated wraps but still good to do for extra protection for the wrap.


-What kind of clear coat? Any water-based, semi or high gloss clear coat found at Home Depot or Lowes will work.  Do not use an oil based clear coat, it will yellow the wraps.


The wraps come with an excess white border to protect the design during shipping. This should be trimmed off before the wraps are applied.




You’re welcome to reach out to us with any questions!